How To Get God To Answer Your Prayers & Stop Suffering?

Have you ever wondered why the HBO prison series was simply titled Oz? When I think about Oz, I think about the great and powerful wizard in the hit family movie, The Wizard of Oz or Motown’s The Wiz. I love both movies because I feel that they are imbued with powerful stories about mysticism and spirituality. I also believe that many of us are like the fictional character Dorothy. Besides, how many of us feel like we need to travel down a yellow brick road to find something that is already inside of us? How many of us waste time believing in a fake wizard who can’t help us at all? How many of us avoid danger and evil, only to destroy the wicked witch and discover our inner strength? Perhaps, this is how prayers work? It works as a golden path to guide us back home. This is a place where all of our prayers can be answered. Only, home isn’t some heaven in the sky. It is a place of self-acceptance that needs to exist inside of us. Sadly, if we can’t get back home, we’re incarcerated in Oz. This is when the fantasy world becomes a prison cell that we simply can’t escape from.

Are you still traveling down the yellow brick road?

This fantasy world is known as organized religion. There are many of us who use religion as a means of escapism. I was trapped into this world for some time. I came across a spectacle of munchkins, flying monkeys, wicked witches, and even wizards. Only in my world, they came dressed as priest, priestess, preachers, monks and gurus. They all came to me with their own songs and dances, guiding me to the yellow brick road, to find a wizard who can guide me back home. Of course, the wizard went by many names. Some called him Jesus while others called him Allah. Whatever his name, the message was still the same, go to Him to get all of your prayers answered. However, I couldn’t help but wonder why people prayed and still suffered. Then, I understood, people were merely putting themselves in a situation where they simply couldn’t win.

Are you still praying to a fake wizard?

Many people feel like Scarecrow. Only, they are stuffed with pages of quotes and verses from the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, or the Tao Te Ching. Me, I was stuffed with a bunch of crap for many years. Whenever I was stuck in a bind, I would pull out a quote that was most pertinent to the situation. And think that everything was going to be okay. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that these texts are bad. I am simply saying they are utterly worthless if we don’t have the capacity to understand the real meaning behind the words. Sadly, billions of people all over the world are like the Scarecrow.

They are stuffed with doctrine and dogma and simply don’t know how to use their brains. Most importantly, they’re praying to something or someone that is outside of them. This limits their power and thus causes a deficiency. This deficiency makes you feel like you have a great deal of debt. So even when your prayers are answered and you receive blessings, it’s never enough to move you forward. So you feel like you can’t break even. And you can’t get out of the game. You become trapped in a fantasy world. In fact, the more you move forward, the further away the wizard gets. If you’re lucky enough to find the wizard, you’ll be completely underwhelmed. It won’t take long before you realize that the great and powerful Oz is charlatan and a fake. Then, you can self-reflect and realize that it was all a fantasy. It was all a made up world to help you escape from yourself.

Have you killed your wicked witch?

Of course the wicked witch is your ego. In my previous article, Kill the Ego and Have No Mercy, I explain that it is virtually impossible to kill the ego. The ego represents the primordial part of self. This is the primitive part of the self that is solely focused on survival. Sadly, the ego becomes much stronger when there are deficiencies in human development. In fact, Abraham Maslow describes human development in his theory known as the Hierarchy of Needs. This pyramid indicates the psychological process of growth and human development.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Maslow called the four bottom levels of the hierarchy, deficiency needs. If these needs weren’t met, it would be virtually impossible to reach the higher level of self-actualization. Whenever I explain this concept to my students. They’re surprised that they have to do so much work, in order to get their prayers answered. However, if you’re not praying from the highest level of self, many of your prayers may go unanswered. Many scholars believe that religion in itself actually arose from inner conflict. Besides, religion was created to bring alignment between the lower and higher aspects of self. When your lower needs are met, the focus of your attention shifts to self-actualization. This is when you begin to contemplate the meaning of life. However, this state of existence is so disturbing that people tend to avoid it at all cost. So they create in inauthentic reality. They create the Land of Oz, with a God like wizard who can solve every problem with the shake of his wand. Many people live their lives in limbo, constantly questioning their purpose and life. They are afraid to make series strides to move forward and take any real responsibility for their life. So instead, they invest all their hopes in a fake wizard. And they live their lives under a strict religious code that is as inauthentic as the fantasy world of Oz.

Are you ready to go back home?

Please don’t read this post and think that I am totally against organized religion, quite the contrary. I believe that everything in the universe has a place. However, I do believe that religion is a fantasy world conjured up by our own inhibitions and lack of contentment. It is a moral code to guide us back to ourselves. Too many people are lost. They are trapped in La La Land. They refused to let go because they have gained a sense of power and status from something that is nothing more than an illusion. This stops them from reaching the levels of self-actualization and receiving real blessings through manifesting and prayer. We can’t get our prayers answered if we feel incomplete. We can’t manifest our desires, if we are constantly looking outside ourselves. We have to ensure that we are 100 percent complete in order to get our prayers answered and to stop our suffering.

Laws of attraction-Laws of attraction tips part 2

The Law of attraction & the law of Free Will

We fail to understand that we create everything in our lives. We create both the good and the bad. I often hear people complain about the charlatans, crooks, and criminals who are on the Internet. However, if people weren’t looking for quick fixes or get rich quick schemes, these people would cease to exist. People want to believe in magic, simply because they don’t want to put the work into being their best selves. We exercise free will when we are totally completely free from external programing and conditioning. So then the question remains, how do you know if you’re exercising your free will? You simply know by the level of happiness and bliss you feel when making a certain decision. You’re soul will always know when it is on track.

The law of attraction and the law of one

The law of one is an incredibly ambiguous concept in the Western world. I often hear people say that we are all one. Yet, they don’t operate as if we are all one. The reason why we don’t want to accept the fact that we are “all one,” is simply because we don’t want to forgo any power that we have gained being entity or individual. The only way that we can accept and practice the law of one, is to forgo the ego and the personality. We must then arise to the level of the spirit, where we see everyone and everything as our equal.

The law of attraction & the law of a Manifestation

Many people have a difficult time understanding that everything that they wish to manifest is already created. All of our desires, wants, and needs are actually hidden in parallel worlds and alternative realities. This is perhaps why the law of attraction goes along with the laws of evolution, for we truly need the force of lightness in order to overcome darkness. The irony is that many of our suppressed desires are actually hidden in the darkness. Scientist today calls the “darkness” dark matter. It is important to understand that 70% of the universe is dark matter. So in essence, we have so much potential, and our ability to create and manifest is endless. After all, it was God who said, “let there be light and there was light.” When we manifest, we are just shedding light onto a solution or desire that already exist.

The law of attraction & the law of gratitude

We’ve all heard that the more that we give, the more that we receive. How does this work? It happens because energy needs to circulate. The law of gratitude corresponds with the law of Bodhisattva, for energy has to move freely throughout the different dimensions of our universe. If energy is not moving forward, it will begin to degrade and turn negative. Many of us have a hard time giving, because we feel that if we give too freely, we won’t have enough energy or resources available for ourselves. This way of thinking is only partly true. We must give to those who are “givers.” What does this mean? It means we must give to people who work to help humanity evolve. By doing this, we are building momentum for ourselves, and thus “receive” more energy to manifest with. There is a great deal of truth to the saying, “it’s better to give than to receive.” It is important to understand that whatever you give, you will get back tenfold.

The law of attraction & the law of fellowship

When 7000 people gathered together to meditate with the intention of decreasing terrorism, terrorism decreased by 70%. When people of similar vibrations gather for a shared purposed, their combined energy directed to the attainment of that purpose is magnified by the tenth power. This is perhaps why it is important to surround ourselves around positive and loving people.

The law of attraction & the Law of Resistance

It is important to understand that resistance is fear. It is much like the natural force of gravity that pulls you to a desired comfort level. It is important to understand that we will experience a high degree of resistance when trying to attain goals that we care deeply about. Resistance is your dream’s shadow. It will always be lurking behind your desires deterring your from achieving the things that you desire most. You have to overcome it by tapping into a source or raising your vibrations so you’re much more powerful. Passion overcomes fear. Love overcomes dissension. Motivation overcomes resistance.

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Are you having a difficult time manifesting? How about practicing Yoga?

I read this great article titled Magic Map to manifesting Yoga. I have to say that it was very enlightening. I’ve seen dramatic results from exercising and meditating. But yoga takes things to a whole new level, because we are able to manifest and exercise at the same time. Very few people understand that just one minute of deep concentration is more effective than months of even years of prayer. In fact, when you’re able to free your mind and align with the universe or collective consciousness your intentions are magnified tenfold. So have you incorporated manifesting or yoga into your daily routine?
Are you working hard to create and manifest your ideal body, relationship and life of your dreams? What if I told you that there is a magic map for manifesting that is not only available for you to use anytime, but is also one of the most powerful and accessible forms of yoga. It is called yoga nidra. Chances are you’re interested; however, you may be thinking: “how come I haven’t heard about this before” or “what is this yoga nidra all about anyway?”

Maybe you’re already accustomed to manifesting and co-creating your reality, but this amazing manifesting tool still eludes you. Certainly, we have all heard about using positive affirmations, vision boards and setting intentions as practicable means for consciously manifesting money, love, health, abundance or whatever it is you want to bring into fruition. These are all great modalities, and I have personally used each of them in the past with some success, but the level of success that I’ve achieved through yoga nidra is unprecedented and incomparable to anything I have used before. I’m very results-driven and the practice of yoga nidra definitely did not fall short of my expectations, in fact, it was quite the opposite experience.

Yoga nidra – which literally means yogic sleep – takes us beyond our limiting beliefs and conditionings, so that we can live a contented life that is free of conflict, anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction and suffering. During the practice of yoga nidra, we also work with sankalpa, and the resolves or intentions which are born from the heart. This is the stage of the practice where you set your sankalpa – your intention. Through sankalpa, anything that you want to work on or work with can be realized and resolved.

During the practice, we relax the body and mind enough to drop down into a lower brain wave pattern, such as Alpha or even Theta. This is where the manifesting magic happens.

Working with sankalpa is not only useful for clearing out old past wounds, but will also help you to manifest and create your future. My own life began to improve on so many levels after starting this practice. Not only did I lose thirty pounds, but I also emotionally improved my relationships.

I made a commitment to practicing yoga nidra every night before bed, and have done so for the last few years….

Manifesting: Michael Jackson’s secret to the law of attraction

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The law of attraction

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Spiritual Alchemy: The Process of Turning Karma into Dharma

If bitch is the new black, then asshole is the new stupid. Sure, there are people in history, in business, and the entertainment industry who may be considered assholes. However, I believe that these people are master alchemist who mastered the science of turning karma into dharma. Maybe Steve Jobs was a slave driver and deadbeat dad. Maybe, George Washington was a bastard for burning the boats his soldiers arrived in. Sure Jay Z launched his career by being a womanizer and misogynist pig. And Eminem can probably go down in history as being the most obnoxious and annoying rapper of all time. Let’s keep it real. All of these people have something in common, negativity. But through the process of spiritual alchemy, they were able to turn their sh*t into gold.

So what is karma?

It is all the sh*t that you were born with. Don’t be fooled by all the hype that you create you own world with your choices. In truth, you are heavily influenced by the collective consciousness (universe/ancestors). If you are not aware, enlightened, or strong, then the collective consciousness will start to make choices for you. And trust me, you aren’t going to like it. The collective consciousness discerns who’s going to be broke, rich, diseased, happy or miserable. Lucky for you, you have the ability to change this through the process of dharma. This is when you begin to transform your life by appealing to the collective consciousness (ancestors). However, you can only do this by changing your perception and or transcending to a higher level of consciousness.

The process of alchemy has even been explored in ancient African practices.

In Yoruba, alchemy is described as an alignment of the heavenly and earthly consciousness. In Chinese medicine, it is explained as the marriage between two polarized opposites such as yin/yang, positive/negative, or male or female. The combination of these two forces supersedes the strengths of just one polarity, thus allowing one to transcend into a higher level of consciousness. So what does all of this mean in dummy terms? It means that negative energy is needed in order for you to grow spiritually. Also, the more negative energy you have, the greater your chances of reaching a higher level of consciousness (aha)!

So at this time, your inner critic is probably picking this post apart. Besides, how can a Negative Nancy have more potential at being successful and spiritual than someone who is always positive? There is a simple answer to that question. Negative Nancy has yet to learn her power. She doesn’t know how to turn her sh*t into gold. Instead, with the help of modern religion, she has been taught to suppress this energy, and the darkness that is inside of her brings about guilt and shame. So all of her negative energy is redirected back towards her, and causes her to degrade in spirit and in character. Energy, when given the opportunity will be released. But it will be released in the form of anger, arrogance, insecurity, depression, self-hate and pain. So in a nutshell, negative energy when not expressed will cause you to implode.

So what do the most successful people in the world do?

They release this energy into something that they are incredibly passionate about. They become the pioneers in technology. They become the revolutionist. They become the innovators who change themselves and the world through art and music. They become master alchemist. They are able to balance the positive and negative forces within themselves. They are then lifted out of their world into the subtle world. On this level, they have access to the realities that are hidden from them in the physical world. On this level, they can see the solutions to all of their problems. On this level, they begin to create their lives by working with the collective consciousness as opposed to working against it. This is when they begin to understand spiritual alchemy, and thus are able to master the process of changing karma into dharma.

How To Open Up Your Third Eye By Using the Power of Intention

Do you want to enter the gates to heaven? We have all seen the images of the pearly white gates that lead us to the heavens. We have all heard the myths about an angel weighing our souls, judging us based on passed life experiences and our future intentions. If we have been good, then we are able to enter the realm of heaven. If we are bad, then we are forced to burn in hell for all eternity. However, we very seldom see, or even learn about the angel who was blessed with so much power to judge us and to discern our fate. That angel is our highest self. And it can see the past, present, and future all at the same time. We can learn to have access to our higher self, by opening up our third eye, while using the power of intention.

The number three is commonly associated with the crossroads and gateways. These two things represent the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is our highest self that leads us by the hand and guides us into the heavens. This is the world of the invisible. This is the world of secrets. This is the world of infinite possibilities where we can create our reality, as opposed to being a victim of it. However, entering these worlds takes a great deal of knowledge and discipline. The gateways and crossroads represent our abilities to make the best possible choices. Bad choices may result in conflict and chaos. If you turn left at the crossroads, we may be using all of our intuition and not logic. If we turn right, we may be taking the path of least resistance. In all situations, we are going to have to be aware of our past, present, and futures circumstances in order to make appropriate decisions.

This is perhaps why we need to open our third eye, partly because we need to be able to see all of these worlds at once. Traditionally, we have been exposed to just four worlds. These worlds correspond with the different elements of the mind. Two parts of the mind are considered invisible. These two parts consist of the world of the future, and the world of infinite possibilities. These two worlds take place on a higher level of consciousness. This is where the process of superposition needs to take place, where possibilities collapse into real experiences. This is the world of creation. It is a place where we can understand the probability of certain outcomes. It is a world where we communicate with higher powers within ourselves. However, we can only do this by learning how to open up our third eye.

By doing this, we are able to bridge the gap between the other two parts of the brain. These two compartments represent the planes of existence that we are most familiar with, which is the past and present. We are well aware of the fact that the past can have a huge affect on us. It can weigh us down, especially if we have a great deal of guilt, shame, and regret. It is extremely important to work out these issues before you even try to open up your third eye. Resounding issues that lay buried in your subconscious mind can have a dire effect on your intuition and your ability to be objective when entering the subtle worlds. Just keep in mind that the mind can play tricks on you. This is why it is so important to purge yourself from negativity and doubt when conducting the exercises that I am about to describe below.

First, you must understand that your third eye is not really part of they physical body. It just has a corresponding component on the physical body, which is in the center of the forehead.

Second, when this third eye is functioning, you can actually enter into other dimensions. When you look at people, you will no longer see just the physical body but the soul body as well. This is when we are able to bridge the gap between the physical and subtle worlds.

Third, you can’t be nervous or agitated when entering this state. Focus on the brow chakra. Remember, the brow chakra is the psychic center. Close your eyes and visualize your intent.

Fourth, if you have a hard time concentrating, focus on your heart. Count the heartbeats. Then, focus on your breathing, put your hands on your stomach and feel it burgeoning up and deflating down.

Fifth, try and create a steady rhythm between your breathing and heartbeats. By doing this, you will become completely relaxed, changing your brainwaves while allowing subtle energy to move through you.

Sixth, you can visualize your higher-self coming towards you. You can even visualize him/her taking you to the gates the heaven. He/she will help you see the worlds of the past, present, and future. Feel free to ask questions about a loved one, or certain issues or pending events that may concern you.

Seventh, before doing this, you must be in a total relaxed and dreamlike state. If you are not in this state, your intentions from the physical (mental mind) may very well influence the results. This is the kind of trickery that I warned you about.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do this on the first try. It is very difficult to get out of your head. This is why I recommend you seek the help of a good spirit coach our counselor. They can train/coach you how to access all three worlds, so you can minimize your mistakes and learn to be the creator of your own world.

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The Path to Enlightenment Can Be Painful

I am gonna knock you out! Momma said knock you out! I am gonna knock you out! Momma said knock you out!!! I am sorry, but if you choose to work with me, I am gonna knock you out. This is the reason why I am very selective about the people I work with. I need to be sure that they are going to be able to take my jabs. I need to be sure that they are resilient enough to bounce back from my punches. If they swoon, or if I knock them out cold, I need to know that they are motivated to get back up again. The path to enlightenment is hard and it normally begins with a hit being taken out on you by momma (Yemaya). Then it normally ends with a TKO knockout by yours truly. So are you ready to step into the ring?

You see our brains are subject to information overload. We activate millions of neurons with each bit of information that we process. We just can’t understand that our brains work much like a motor. It generates waste and produces a buildup of exhaust fumes in the mind, body, and soul. Lucky for us, our body has a coping mechanism. It is called the off switch, which is also known as sleep. Sleep, is the knock out method that is needed for replenishment and rejuvenation. During sleep, a routine diagnostic is performed. This is a precautionary measure performed by the body to ensure that everything is working and is up to par. Sadly, because of all of the information that we are forced to process each day, a few hours sleep is not enough to rid our bodies of all of its cellular waste products.

So then the rumbling starts. And your brain is like a hoarder, buried alive in its own filth. You get into the ring of life and just one punch drops you to your knees. You get dizzy. You can’t get back up. You collapse and the last thing that you feel is your face hitting the floor. You are out for the count. You see your whole life passing you by. You see all the events that led to your demise. You see the failures, the let downs, the frustrations, and the setbacks. Your mind becomes fried as it slowly demises into a vegetative state, a lower level of consciousness. But don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. You are on the right path, the path to enlightenment. You just had to get all of sh*t knocked out of you.

The path to enlightenment is sometimes a hard one. And you may find yourself being punched and pounced around like a punching bag. This happens because you are breaking old thought patterns, habits, and behaviors. You are clearing out all of the clutter, all of the junk. You will swing back and forth like a speed bag, rising in and out of consciousness, entering and exiting the physical and spiritual worlds. In many cases, people take a pretty bad beating before momma decides to knock them out. This is when she will force your body, mind, and soul to shut down so it can be fully replenished. This is when the old part of you dies, so the new part of you can be born. During this process, virtually every cell or piece of matter in your body is replenished, recycled, and rejuvenated to create the new and improved you. So you can get back up again, stronger and wiser, and ready to make a comeback. This is the path to enlightenment.

I’ve written hundreds of articles on self-development, spirituality, inspiration, and relationships. So if you are looking for more information about how to open up your third eye, I suggest you grab my free e-book, “Setting Intentions.” Also, feel free to contact me at for additional tips, coaching and guidance.

Jumpstart Your Life by Understanding the Power of Alternative Healing

Do you need a hit? Great, because I can pump you up with a few therapeutic dosages of electrical energy. Don’t worry. I am not going to use an actual defibrillator. I am old school, and I am just going to do it the same way our ancestors did, with my bare hands. Oh! You didn’t think that I had access to this kind of energy? Well, I have some news for you. We all do. We just don’t understand how to tap into this power. You see alternative healing is really about regulating the rhythms of the mind, body, and soul. So it is ensync with the flow of nature.

I know if you are reading this post. You have probably read thousands of books, and ten million articles about the mind and it’s ability to heal itself. But lucky for you, I am not going to talk about the mind. I am going to focus on something that is much more powerful, the heart. It is the most powerful organ in the body. And unlike the mind, it has not been programmed to doubt itself.

The heart does not only have an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire organ, but it also emits rays of energy that surrounds the entire body. The electromagnetic rays of the heart are so powerful, that it can influence the mind of others. I know it is a lot to take in, and it may be very difficult for the typical Westerner to understand. However, this concept is not foreign to our ancestors, or those in the Eastern world who practice alternative healing. They realize that the heart is the gateway to the soul.

Traditional and modern practitioners of alternative healing understand the power of energy, also known as prana, or chi. In Chinese medicine, there needs to be a complete balance between the duel forces of yin/yang. In the Sanskrit chakra system, the wheels of light need to be open and churning so that energy can pass through the body and back into the universe. In African religions, there is this concept of vital energy, also known as ashé. When the energy or ashé diminishes, then sickness, disease, and illness will start to incur. However, there is a missing element to alternative healing. Many practitioners of alternative healing fail to understand the power of the heart. It is the rhythm of the heart that regulates the circulatory system as well as the entire body.

Research from the Institute of Heart Math has suggested that miracles of healing occur when one is able to regulate the rhythms of the heartbeat. Of course, this information is not new to shamans. Many of them practice alternative healing with just one tool, their drum. With their drum, they are able to entrain the heartbeats of an individual to the rhythm and flow of nature.

Other practitioners of alternative healing have been able to regulate the beating of the heart by just placing their hands on the affected area. Energy, flows from the healer into the patients body healing all afflictions and pain. People are even able to heal themselves. They can do this by pulling power or energy from the universe. They are then able to direct it toward a certain area or cause. This is how many healers are able to jumpstart their life by understanding the power of alternative healing.

I’ve written hundreds of articles on self-development, spirituality, inspiration, and relationships. So if you are looking for more information about how to open up your third eye, I suggest you grab my free e-book, “Setting Intentions.” Also, feel free to contact me at for additional tips, coaching and guidance.

The Things Nobody Will Dare Tell You About Making Money Online

So you’ve made the choice to start an online business. Well the only thing that I can say is welcome to the jungle. And if you don’t have an effective strategy than the jungle is going to bring you down to your knnn, knne, knees, knees, as the legendary Axl Rose would say. Oh! I see, you’ve read all of the articles on the first page of Google and never got the chance to read mine. Yep! That’s the way it works around here. There are thousands of good articles, but only a few will rise to the top of the SERP engines. Since you’re new here, I figure I’ll give you a few quick tips on how to survive. Oh yes, survival is key, and in the world of Internet marketing, there are only a few victors. So you really need to make sure that the odds are ever in your favor.

The Internet is a jungle, partly because everyone and their momma are trying to sell something on it. Competition is fierce, and the people who are on top will force you to eat the crumbs that fall to the bottom. Sure, everyone is quick to grab big keywords with matching domain names. But you’ll find that these things won’t aid to your success. Instead, you will “die” from natural causes such as: desperation, frustration, lack of resources, capital and funding. And if these things don’t kill you, Google’s everlasting algorithm updates will. In the jungle, you get slapped around like a bitch. And by the time we are done with you, you are going to have known more positions than a ten-dollar street whore.

Oh, so you’re not going to bother with SEO? You are more of a social marketing guy.
But you are soon likely to find out that if you got the money honey, we got your disease. We got plenty of bad products that are sure to bring you down to your knne, knne, knees, knees. Oh yeah! We also have plenty of unethical marketers who will pick your pockets and watch you bleed. This is the Internet, there is a worthless, bullshit product being created by some poor overseas China man every day. If you don’t want to buy a product, there are plenty of services and web-based programs that will get you “hooked” on exorbitant monthly fees. These programs are laced with more shit that a bad batch of cocaine. They are loaded with spam and black hat practices that will not only get you banned from Google, but 30 to life.

So we need to always look at the bright side of our lives. After all, there are affiliate programs that you could sell. These programs garnish a commission anywhere between 50 to 75%. Yes, now we are talking. You can even make your own products and or services. You can promote these products and services on your own website. Yes, this sounds a lot better. Right? This is what you wanted to hear. However, there is still one problem, traffic. I just don’t mean any kind of traffic. You need traffic that converts. People could love you and your product, that doesn’t mean that they are going to whip out their wallets and purses and pay. Unfortunately, people prefer brands. And if you are the new kid on the block, I can guess that you have yet to establish one.

Of course, you can continue writing articles that will probably never be seen like this one. Or you can reach out to the big guys in your niche, and ask them to throw you a bigger scrap of food. “Shout outs” are hard to get, because the big guys will say that you can have whatever you want, but you better not take it from me. So if you truly want to get anything from them, then you are going to have to beg them by getting down on your knne, knne, knees, knees. Don’t be a beggar. Contact me today and start to create a real Internet Business.

The Law of Attraction and Money

All right, enough already. Let’s get right to the point. The reason why you’re having a hard time attracting money is because of your ravenous appetite. If you refuse to believe this, then you are not aware of your evil twin. He or she lives in your subconscious mind or in the nebula of your cells. He represents the most primate and primitive side of your being. This evil twin of yours somehow missed the memo that we now live in the 21st century. Instead, it still believes that we live in prehistoric times, when our vocabulary consisted of grunts and groans. And our ideal of a sexual conquest was bashing someone over the head, and using a club for foreplay. This primitive side of you eats up you resources likes a fat man with a trey of cheeseburgers. And if you don’t stop him now, there will be nothing left.

I suppose you thought that I was going to say that the reason why you don’t have abundance is because you have not shifted your vibrations. I’ve heard it all before, people telling you that your vibrations need to be incongruence with what you’re trying to manifest. The real problem is that we as humans are hardwired to spend money. There is a reason why you can’t stop eating, why you have to gorge yourself with food. Why you go into debt. And also why your wallet is stuffed with credit cards. This is because food was the only resources that our ancestors had. They didn’t have refrigerators or ice-treys to keep the food cold, so anything that was of excess went into their mouths and stored into their stomachs. They didn’t have to worry about getting thunder thighs, muffin tops, or beer bellies, because they burned most of their calories by chasing cyber tooth tigers and mountain bears throughout the jungles.

Now, if we cut to the 21st century. We have an abundance of food (at least in the United States). But now, money is scarce. Just remember, that money in itself is a new and incredibly miraculous invention. Before, our ancestors used the barter system. However, there was just one problem. There were only so many services a person could do in one day. They could only make so many shoes. They only had so much land for cattle and sheep, and storage space for hay and horses. Money changed all of this. It was a medium of exchange that represented an infinite source of energy (when not tied to gold). And much like the energy that pulses through the earth, money is exchanged through millions of hands each day.

Many of us have a difficult time understanding this concept. This is why the law of attraction and money does not work. We are subconsciously and consciously trying to tame that wild, primal, self-sabotaging beast inside of us. We need to domesticate him, incorporate him into today’s world by getting him to stand erect, and to walk like a man in this modern society. We need to teach him that abundance is not about having a great deal of resources, but feeling fulfilled and happy inside. When the primal beast inside of us starts to beat his chest and howl that he wants more. We have to teach him that the law of attraction and money is not about greed. It is all about the exchange of one service or good for another. It is about the exchange and flow of energy. So everyone, and not just a few handpicked individuals, can experience abundance as one.

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